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About Verge Realty

Formerly ARG Realty, Verge is a real estate brokerage based out of west Michigan. They have a growing list of Realtors and several happy clients who appreciate a new way of doing real estate. Verge is progressive and creative with their work in how they service clients and compensate their real estate agents.

Their Situation
Our Solution
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Their Situation

Verge was previously named ARG Real Estate. The name didn’t have any brand-significant meaning and it looked small and less professional than where they were heading. It didn’t help tell their story, connect with their target audiences, or help them look credible and trustworthy. They came to Kindred to develop a new more meaningful name and brand to help position them as a new, forward-thinking, and modern player in the real estate market in order to help attract new Realtor agents and new clients looking for a new way to do real estate.

Our solution

One of our favorite things to do is help a business with its branding from the ground up. Our corporate naming process is thorough and regimented. Regardless of the industry or client, Kindred follows a specific process for developing truly meaningful names, complete with talking directly to your customers in the beginning and finishing by searching name options with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Once the name was set, we developed several logo options, all business correspondence materials, a new website, advertising, digital ads, marketing plans, and even some great billboard creative that got people talking – not to mention several other types of projects. Check out a few of the work samples below.


Kindred's process was excellent. They engaged our entire team from day one, did their research, and provided us with several creative options. Their team as been great to work with.

Verge Realty

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