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About ADAC Automotive

ADAC is a global-leading Tier 1 automotive supplier of vehicle access systems headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. They engineer, design, manufacture, test, paint, and ship products worldwide. While they’re best known for door handles, they provide a variety of plastic parts and electronics inside and outside the vehicle. They are game-changing innovators advancing mobility, vehicle access technologies, automotive design, and user experience.

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Our Solution
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Their Situation

ADAC Automotive had a variety of needs when they first came to Kindred. Although they are a large global manufacturer, their sales and marketing materials didn’t adequately represent them. They’re a pretty big deal, but they just didn’t consistently look the part. They were looking for a marketing partner to help take them to the next level and handle any type of project needs all with one team. After trying a few other shops, they landed with Kindred and we couldn’t be happier. ADAC is one of our closest relationships.

Our solution

We established a universal look and feel for ADAC to use across any applications. On-screen and off-screen capabilities presentations, product sell sheets, websites, demo videos, PowerPoint templates, and much more. In addition to mapping out and designing large capabilities projects, we tag in as marketing managers on a regular basis to crank out quick needs.

Work Sample Gallery

Kindred continues to deliver! Their team is extremely versatile and able to handle anything we bring their way. This is definitely a long-term relationship.

ADAC Automotive
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