kindred marketing agency

Full-Service Marketing Agency Offers a Better Way to Elevate your Marketing.

Muskegon, MI – January, 2021 – Kindred Marketing, LLC, a full-service marketing agency, announced that they are officially open for business. After 10 years as co-founder of Revel Marketing, Don Kalisz has realized his dream – to build a flexible, efficient agency that achieves top-tier marketing results based on substantial, real relationships with clients.

“This has been on my mind for a few years now, and in August, we started officially putting the wheels into motion,” Don says. “In November, I was ready to sell my ownership in Revel and start something new. We already have an amazing team, and client work is well underway. I’m just really excited about what’s ahead.”

Kindred Marketing is built upon Don’s 20+ years of experience as an industry leader, focused on helping clients reach their full marketing potential. His unique, customer-centric mindset comes from a serious foundation in new business development, relationship building, and bringing a strategic, creative focus to business goals.

Kindred achieves high-quality work with unusual efficiency, flexibility, and speed, thanks to a hybrid model of in-person and remote team members. This cuts out typical agency fluff, and allows any client, large or small, to get the best possible return on their investment and the best possible talent.

“I wanted to work for all kinds of clients. I didn’t want to be too big for local passion projects, or too small for big clients. So this new flexible model makes it simpler to achieve great results for every organization, and every budget. Our team can give them our best, every time.”

What makes Kindred so different from a traditional agency?

  • The team is an independent group of top-tier talent from West Michigan and throughout the Midwest, who are committed to Kindred. This handpicked collection of only seasoned professionals brings decades of experience to the table, and many have worked together for years.
  • This model allows Kindred the ability to assemble a consistent team for each client with the specialized skill sets for their needs who can meet in person or remotely.
  • The flexibility of their model, and the talent of their team, means that timelines are measured in days, not months. That includes kicking off projects within five days, so clients never have to wait.
  • Kindred is a full-service agency, but can also offer a variety of on-location or remote marketing operations services, like an internal Marketing Director, Sales Manager, or Social Media Director, each for far less than the cost of hiring an employee. This can take a huge weight off companies struggling to manage internal marketing resources. Kindred provides a senior-level leader who will achieve internal alignment on goals, manage teams, and lead all marketing plans, strategies, tactics, and media buys, on-site or remotely.

        Plus, senior leadership stays involved in every project, from start to finish. That means each client gets the decision maker at the table and starts the conversation with the same person who delivers the final product. And that’s exactly how Don makes such lasting, significant connections.

        “I like my clients. They like me. And that’s why my agency is going to come up big for them, every time. We’re on the same page. Like-minded. We’re Kindred.”

        Browse our website to learn more, meet our team, or call or email Don Kalisz directly to start the conversation.